project area:
491.03 sq. m.
design year:
Kathmandu, Nepal

Response to Urban Context:

The Box House is a private residence on a timid 6 anna plot at Ratopool, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nestled besides the private open spaces of the surrounding, the house does not have direct contact with the city's urban fabric. Accordingly, the design responds to the site surroundings and the needs of the family. The building is composed of Large Box composed of two 2-BHK apartment and one and half floor of Clients adobe.

The building is oriented to align with North-South direction and along the path of South East wind direction, allowing to make a maximum use of cooling winds. The Box styled design elongated to site maximize the room sq. footage creating interesting private spaces in between. The building thus works with the surrounding and generate a cohesive whole as a residential unit.

The aesthetic connections with the surrounding site are carried through into the treatment of the elevations, with the use of simple materials and forms. The use of straight line elements accentuates the alignment with the built box form and its surrounding. The concrete bands capture the flat and horizontal character of the site.

Response to Program:

The residential facilities were intended for Mr. Nishant Agarwal and his family. Accordingly, The design provides for a series of different semi private and private spaces that can address the various needs of the family.

The main house can be seen as a two floor on second and third floor, which constituted of living room, a powder room, two bedrooms with attach bathroom and a kitchen cum dining room.

The Master Bedroom of Mr. Nishant on the South West and the other bedrooms on the West. The Kitchen cum Dining were perched on South East and the shared area like staircase in the middle forms were placed on the East and The Guest bedroom on the North side and Living room on the west.


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